Hijab Pins Offer

Hijab Pins Offer

This offer has now ended

Muslimbase.com is proud to present another irresistable offer related to hijab pins. We have noticed several customers asking us for special deals on hijab pins since they buy multiple hijab pins in one go anyway. We will give a hijab pin worth £3.99 / $8.00 absolutely free of charge if you buy five hijab pins. Five hijab pins is a quantity that you have probably already been buying. This offer will last for as long as the stocks last. We are also adding new and exclusive hijab pin designs on a daily basis. If there are any hijab pin design ideas that you may have which you would like to suggest please feel free to do so through our ‘contact us’ page.

To view our Hijab Pins collection please click on the link below:

Hijab Pins

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