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Islamic Calendar 2013 Now in Stock!

The Islamic calendar for 2013 is now in stock. This Islamic calendar has been produced by Darussalam and London Central Masjid. You can buy the Islamic calendar from the link below:

Islamic Calendar 2013

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Siratt Lifebook 2013 Islamic Diary Now Available to Pre-Order!

It’s that ime of the year again when everyone scrambles for a Siratt diary in their favourite colour. Siratt lifebooks should be available to dispatch from the 15th of December approximately. You can pre-order yours now.

The unique Siratt Lifebook helps you to reflect on and organise your day Islamically from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep! Great care has been taken to cater for both the spiritual and practical needs of Muslims. Essentially it has been designed to remind by providing the following concise but thought-provoking chapters on;

  • True Righteousness
  • Swallow Your Pride
  • Holding Oneself To Account
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Khushu’ in Prayer
  • The Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Who Are Our Heroes?
  • Increase Earnings-Legitimately
  • 10 Matters Which Can Destroy Our Islam
  • Daily Du’as – from Dawn till Dusk
  • What to Say – The Right Way
  • Islam a way of life

2013’s Siratt LifeBook has incorporated numerous exciting ideas and concepts, devised by ProductiveMuslim, to facilitate a practical approach to optimising ones daily productivity. The diary pages have been redesigned and incorporate supplementary tips and guidelines which will, InshaAllah, enable you to lead a more fulfilling and productive life. The LifeBook also provides transliteration and translation of the Prayer, various verses of the Qur’an and Daily Du’as. The page layout has also been sharpened and aesthetically improved.As well as the inclusion of new uplifting and thought-provoking chapters, we have incorporated weekly Muslim Contributions to Civilisation, in addition to the weekly Hadith. We hope InshaAllah that the implementation of this Siratt Lifebook within your daily routine will help you manage your day in a more rewarding and fulfilling way. (Approximate Size 24.5cm by 17.5cm)

To pre-order your Siratt Lifebook please follow the link below:


Siratt Lifebook 2013

Siratt Lifebook 2013

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