Jilbab Hijab Coupled

Jilbab Hijab Coupled

A jilbab is not complete without its hijab. The modern jilbab covers the entire body, except for hands, feet, face, and head. Hijab is the arabic term for “cover”, based on the root meaning “to veil, to cover, to screen, to shelter. A jilbab does not look good without the hijab. These two go together like a car with petrol. Nowadays we are fortunate to have a variety of choice when buying a jilbab or a hijab. Both the jilbab and hijab come in a variety of style, colours, and design. A hijab can be of different materials for example, cotton, or polyester. At the same time the hijab comes in all designs and styles. One hijab could have a diamante, another hijab could have sequins, while the other hijab could have embroidery. A hijab comes in countless colours. Some of the hijab colours are, blue, pink, yellow, beige, orange, green, brown, black, white and red.

A jilbab comes in a variety of styles and designs too. For example someone would like a simple jilbab, others like a jilbab with design on it and someone else would like a hooded jilbab. A jilbab comes in various styles so that every woman is happy with the jilbab of her choice. A jilbab looks good when worn. A hijab and a jilbab are the perfect combination when the colour and style matches. Both the hijab and the jilbab can be found on muslimbase.com where you will find a variety of designs. The hijab and the jilbab do not have to be exactly the same colour but can be colour blends too for example if the jilbab is in the colour black but the embroidery done on it is in grey, then the hijab that you choose does not have to be black but can also be in grey.

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