Al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah: The Laws of Islamic Governance

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An easily accessible translation of Al-Mawardi's unique classical work on the laws of Islamic governance. Based on the example of the first Muslim community of Madina, and concerned more with practice than with theory, it describes the rights, duties and responsibilities of those in authority, including the selection of the Khalifah and his appointment of ministers, amirs of the provinces and the armed forces, Imams of the mosques, judges and court officials, and those responsible for collecting the zakah and other revenues. The book also considers the main issues relating to land ownership, water supplies, criminal law, fair trading, control over weights and measures, and public order. A vital reference resource for those already exercising authority, as well as for students and researchers of Islamic studies, this book can be studied either as a historical record of Islamic governance in the 5th century AH/11th century CE, or as a description of the exercise of authority which still existed at the beginning of the 20th century CE.

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