A Conclusive Study on the Issue of Hijrah and seperating from Polytheists

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About the Book This is a translation of the book “Al-Fasl-ul-Mubeen fee Mas’alat-il-Hijrah wa Mufaaraqat-il-Mushrikeen” [A Conclusive Study on the Issue of Hijrah and Separating from the Polytheists] written by the well-known student of knowledge, Husayn bin ‘Awdah Al-‘Awaayishah. Many of the readers may already be aware of the author due to the large amount of his works that have been translated into the English language. However, this book differs from all of them due to the fact that it consists more of a research on the issue at hand and a relaying of the statements of the scholars from the past on this subject.

As an added benefit, thirteen appendixes have been placed at the end of the book containing the words of the present day scholars on Hijrah – those who have passed away and those still alive – so as to make this book as comprehensive on the subject as possible.

Indeed, this is the first time, according to our observation, that such a book of this magnitude – in that it compiles the statements of the Muslim scholars, past and present – has ever been presented on this subject in the English language.

About the Author Husayn bin ‘Awdah Al-‘Awaayishah is one of the well-known students of knowledge from Jordan who has benefited a great deal from the late Imaam Al-Albaanee. He has authored dozens of books many of which have been translated into English.

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