Namaaz & Du'aas: The Beginner's Guide To Prayer by Naeem Tariq

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Namaaz & Du'aas: The Beginner's Guide To Prayer by Naeem Tariq Colour coded contents, Arabic with English Translation and Translitration * Iman Mujmil, Iman Mufassil * Kalima Tayyab, Kalima Shahadat * Kalima Tamjeed, Kalima Tawheed * Kalima Istighfaar * Kalima Radd-e-Kufr * Wudu (The Ablution) * Adhaan (The Call to Prayer) * Du'aa after Adhaan * How to perform Salah (The Prayer), explanation of all steps, aided with pictures. * Names and timings of Salah * Table of the Rakahs * Some Important Du'aas after Prayer * Salat-ul-witr, Du'aa al Qunuut * Salatut-Taraweeh * Ayat-ul-Kursi * The Funeral Prayer * Masnuun Du'aas * The Last Ten Suraahs of The Holy Quran * Islamic Manners This book addresses important issues pertaining to the essentials of Islam. It is based on the traditional teachings of Islam. The book will enable those who are unable to read and understand the arabic language to benefit from it with it's compendium of translation and translitration of the arabic text. By studying this book, the younger generation will be able to enhance their knowledge of the essentials of Islam. This book may be utilised by both the younger and older generation. The Author, Professo Naeem Tariq is a lecturer and a versatile scholar. He is a graduate with an MA in Islamic Studies and the Arabic language. He is also an expert of Tajweed and Qira'at (canonical reading and recitation of the Holy Qur'an)

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