Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading (3 Volume Set)

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Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading (3 Vols) - New 2008 Edition. The complete edition of 'Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading'. As the name suggests, only a few simple steps are required to correctly recite and pronounce the Arabic alphabet letters directly from the Qur'aan. Arabic words taken directly from the Qur'aan (except Part One) Use of 'Majidi' fonts resembling the 'Majidi' script Use of professional designers for the overall outlay and design Adoption of colour coding for ease of understanding and recitation Addition of simple colour coding from Surah Al-Fajr to Al-Naas to aid in remembering the rules of Tajweed Accompanying Audio CD's are also available: Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading (Audio CD's)

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