A is for Allah By Yusuf Islam (2 CDs)

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A is for Allah takes its name from the title track written by Yusuf after the birth of his first child, and is the complete audio version of the book completed almost two decades later.Discovering the new spiritual horizons of Islam back in 1977, Yusuf's life changed - and so too did his perspective. This epic work reflects that change away from the narrow confines of this world to the unbounded, everlasting presence of God and the Hereafter.Narrated by Yusuf and based on the 28 letter Arabic Alphabet, this is an exciting double album that reaches new heights in education and entertainment. Bursting with rich sound effects and featuring the voices of Hamza Yusuf, and Sheikh Muhammad Gibreel, with songs by Zain Bhikha, Raihan and Yusuf himself, A is for Allah is a must for every explorer of wisdom, young and old. This album consists of 2 CDs.

Disc 1:
2.A: Allah
3.Ayat Al-Kursi (2: 255)
4.Say He Is Allah
5.B: Bismillah
7.T: Taqwa
8.Th: Thawab
9.J: Jannah
10.Surah Al-Kahf (18: 31)
11.H: Hajj
12.Kh: Khatam
13.D: Deen
14.Our Guide To The Qur'an
15.Dh: Dhikr
16.R: Ramadan
17.Z: Zakah
18.Surah Al-Tawbah
19.S: Salam
20.Salam, Salam
21.Sh: Shams
22.Surah Al-An'am
23.S: Salah
24.D: Duha
25.Surah Ad-Duha (93: 1-11)
26.T: Tareeq

Disc 2:
1.Turn To Allah
2.Z: Zill
3.'I: Ilm
4.Gh: Ghayb
5.F: Fatihah
6.Surah Al-Fatihah (1: 1-7)
7.Q: Qur'an
8.Surah Al-Qadr (97: 1-5)
9.Qur'anu Rabbee
10.K: Kalimah
11.L: La Ilaha Illa-Allah
12.M: Muhammad Rasul-Allah
13.Seal Of The Prophets
14.N: Nawm
15.Surah Al-Sajdah
16.H: Hijrah
17.W: Wu'du
18.Surah Al-Muddaththir (74: 1-5)
19.Y: Yawm Ad-Deen
20.Surah Al-Infitar
21.A Is For Allah
22.Last Word

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