Footsteps In The Light By Yusuf Islam CD

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Following a bout of TB early in his career he undertook an ongoing search for peace and ultimate spiritual truth. After almost drowning in the Pacific Ocean at Malibu he received a translation of the Qur'an as a gift from his elder brother, David. His spiritual quest for answers was fulfilled and he embraced Islam in December, 1977. Six months later he changed his name to Yusuf Islam, walked away from the music business to start a new life and raise a family. Today, Yusuf Islam is arguably one of the world's most famous converts to Islam. Footsteps in the Light
Yusuf Islam

Footsteps in the Light celebrates an era spanning from 1981 to 2006 of songs by Yusuf Islam. From his first release of A is for Allah recorded in 1981 for his daughter Hasanah to the more recent Angel of War and Wild World (bana, baba). The CD album includes a 24 page lyric booklet with comments by Yusuf on the reasons for recording each track.

This is an album that looks back at the work of an Artist who was a pioneer for the development of the nasheed genre in the West influencing Artists world wide. All songs feature only voice and drum, the style he adopted during this period. The album contains 14 tracks including the Adhaan (Call to prayer) recited by Yusuf Islam.

1-The Wind
2- Tala'al Badru Alayna (featuring Ben ammi)
3- If You Ask Me
4- I Look, I See
5- Tala'al Badru Alayna
6- Seal of the Prophets
7- Wild World (Bana, Baba)
8- Angel of War
9- In Nilta
10- Salli Ala Muhammad
11- God is the Light
12- Peace Train
13- A is for Allah
14- The Adhan (Call to Prayer)

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