Home Hijabs

Muslimbase stocks one of the widest range of hijabs available to buy on the internet. Many of our hijabs are sourced from around the world directly by ourselves and are shipped from the UK. We also manufacture many of our hijabs and hijab related products. Our hijabs are sold at very reasonable and affordable prices.

We stock the largest variety of long hijabs, Al Amira hijabs, kuwaiti joint hijabs, egyptian hijab, designer hijabs, one and two piece hijab, oblong hijab, igal hijab, lebanese hijab, square, triangular and netted Hijaabs in the market.

Two Piece Hijabs

Our two piece hijabs are one of the most important of our range. Two piece hijabs consist of a pull over bonnet cap and a tubular scarf which fit together seamlessly when overlapped. Two piece hijabs are great for those who would like to ensure hijaabs do not slip off.

Long Hijabs

Long hijabs also known as oblong hijabs are probably the most commonly available hijabs. Long hijabs are rectangular scarves made of various fabrics from cotton to polyester and viscose.

Kuwaiti Hijab

The Kuwaiti hijabs are great for those wanting to create styles with their hijab while making sure the inner piece is in place. Kuwaiti hijabs are wrap around craves with a one piece hijab as the inner piece. The fabric for these hijabs ranges from cotton jersey to lycra.

Winter Hijabs

Every year during Winter Muslimbase brings a very new and wide range of Winter Hijabs variety to make the muslimah warm.