Sword Against Black Magic & Evil Magicians By Wahid Abdussalam With CD

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We often hear about cases of lunacy, constant headaches and stomach aches, insomnia, lethargy, hearing voices, sexual inability, sterility, frigidity, shattered marriages, woman\'s continuous bleeding; and we often tend to have the undemanding answer that \'it is Allah (SWA), or, as the ignorant would put it, \'it is nature.\'

Certainly, it is undisputable that anything in the Heavens and the Earth is managed by Allah , but we should not discard that Allah ;U- has also commanded us to consider the causes of events. It is high time that we stopped and considered for a moment that, besides normal causes, there is the evil force of Sihr, the Arabic equivalent to sorcery. The sorcerer and Satan work in partnership to provide an \'intent-to-harm service\' to their client, in return for a mere pittance which they receive from those with weak personalities and from the wicked, who hold grudges against their Muslim brothers and sisters and who love to see them suffer under the effects of sorcery.

In todays world Black Magic in the world is not unheard of and in some parts of the world is as common as the common cold. Some of us feel that we are experiencing it and some of us are experiencing it. Either case Black Magic is strictly prohibited in Islam and Sorcerers and evil magicians will face the punishment of Allah (SWA) on the day of judgement and after. For those who are looking for solutions for such situations this is a must-read book for you.
The book title Sword against Black Magic and Evil Magicians says it all. In this book is an authentic explanation of what black magic means in Islam and how we can tackle or battle it.

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